About Me

This is me with my youngest, Ethan

My name is Lisa and I am first and foremost a daughter of the King. My chief aim in life is to passionately pursue Jesus and live my life to bring glory to Him.
I am also Rick's wife. We have been married for more than 10 years and I love every moment of being married to the man of my dreams. My husband is the world's most patient, kind-hearted and compassionate man. I am so blessed to be his!
I am also known as Mommy. We have four children so far, an 8 year-old daughter, Madison, and three sons. Noah is 6, Brady is 3, and Ethan is 13 months.
I am also the leader of our local ICAN (International Cesarean Awareness Network) chapter. I have a passion for educating and being educated in all things natural birth, natural parenting and natural living.
I am training to become a certified birth and post-partum doula and am currently offering my services free of charge to get experience while I am working on my certification, which is a very involved process. I will occasionally write here on birth-related topics, but you can also find me blogging at http://www.newlifebirthservices.wordpress.com/. That blog is a work in progress, so if you ever have any questions about my services, you can comment here or contact me via e-mail.
I am a Jesus-loving, natural-living, home-educating, extended-breastfeeding, baby-wearing, debt-free living kind of girl. These are the things that I am passionate about, which I am sure will be reflected in my writings. This blog is my outlet, my way of journaling the adventure that is our every day life. There is never a dull moment around here!

The Crew

My handsome hubs and beautiful daughter