Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Man

Well, today has been a tough day for our family. Today marks the one year anniversary of the death of my beloved grandfather, Edward Brady. I still miss him so badly it is painful at times. So much so that it is a struggle to breathe. I dream of him frequently and talk of him with my children almost daily. My grandfather was the epitome of strength. He never disappointed me. NEVER! I mean, seriously, how many people can you say that about in a lifetime? There is so much more I could write as my head is swarming with a lifetime of memories right now. But all I can really do is share a couple of pictures. My grandfather didn't like to have his picture taken very often, but when you did catch him you could usually see him there-his mischievousness, his love for life and family. He knew what was important. And so I share him with you. You're the man, Papaw! Oh how I miss you.

Papaw and Madison (4 days old)-well, Papaw may have been a little older here!

One of Madison's favorite spots!

Papaw's Kids

Papaw spoiling his kids-out for breakfast at IHOP-or as Noah calls it "My Hop"

Come on, all together now, awwwww!!!!


bethb said...

Iknew the date was near, my prayers and thoughts are with you. Please continue to talk with the kids about papaw, it keeps memories fresh and those who never met him will always be able to remember him. Love B

Cheryl said...

Thanks for sharing...you know what this means to me at this time!


Hadassah said...

That was so touching. I'm so glad you have those pictures to treasure along with your memories. And your kids will grow up loving him, too, just from the memories you pass down to them. I know, because I love my "Big Mama" very much, even though I don't have any firsthand memories of her. But, I'm looking forward to meeting her in Heaven.