Saturday, July 19, 2008


Well, it has finally happened. Not too bad for almost six years of parenting!

Actually, I say that to assuage my guilt for feeling like the world's most horrible mother. Our first major boo-boo happened yesterday. What can I say? My boy is, well, a boy.
We have this particular table in our house. It is designed as a coffee table but it is also a trunk in which we store toys to keep them out of the way for when visitors visit. Anyway, the top has been broken on it for a while now. Actually, it was broken and then it was fixed and then it was broken again. We did not have the right hinges and supports on it to keep it from slamming shut on little fingers so we decided to take the top of until we could get the repairs made. Meanwhile, the top to the table is sitting on the floor.
Those of you who know my kids, or any kids for that matter, know that it does not matter how many wonderful toys a child has, they will always find a way to play with whatever is not intended to be played with. In this case, the table top. I cannot tell you how many times I have said, "Noah, don't play on the table top" over the past week.
First, we had it standing on end, resting on the table. Well, Noah decided that looked like a fun slide. Not too smart on my part I suppose. So I laid it on the floor under the table. Part of it was still sticking out however and apparently it looked like a good ice rink. So Noah dons dad's shoes, walks over to the table to try to play on the top and proceeds to trip over the shoes and fall face first into the side of the coffee table. Our coffee table is a rectangle. And wood. And hard. Not a good combination.
I was sitting right there and I was able to get to him immediately. Then I learned something about myself. I do not handle crisis well. His nose immediately swelled up and did not "look" right. And I went into frantic mom mode.
Madison got the ice. I got the phone. Daddy got the doctor's bill.
Actually, she said it is possible it was not broken. She did not do an X-ray because there was nothing they could do for it anyway, unless it was displaced, which was thankfully not the case. We have been icing it up and loving on our boy. And he is still all boy. It was about two seconds before he was off to torment his sister again.
Ahhh, the joys of motherhood!

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