Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Have You Ever Canned Sweet Potatoes?

I have.

Ethan checking out my new canning pot my in-laws bought me...just because. Wasn't that sweet of them?

Yes, we are THOSE parents.

Please don't turn us into CPS...we're just having a little fun!

And tell me, is that not the sweetest potato you have ever seen?

I'm linking this post up over at Raising Arrows.


Brooke said...

that's just about the sweetest lil potato I've ever seen! :-)

Anjanette said...

I do love me that PARTICULAR sweet potato. Those other 3 are pretty sweet too!

Amy @ Raising Arrows said...

Too cute! (and yes, that ABSOLUTELY fits! lol)

Sarah said...

AHHHH the cuteness!

GyrlPower said...

That is a very SWEET potato!