Saturday, May 3, 2008

How Time Flies!

OH BABY!!! I can hardly believe it; our little guy is six months old already! My how time flies! I can seriously just sit and watch him grow. He is truly a miracle. Though the smallest of all of our precious ones (at a whopping 8 lbs. 6 oz.) he is now the biggest, weighing in at almost 22 pounds. Our doc says there is no chart for a kid like this. He is one big boy! It is amazing to see all of the things he can do now. He is sitting and drooling and babbling and laughing and squealing. He says "mama" but usually only when he is displeased with something I have done-or not done. And what a smile-he will melt your heart in an instant!
If anyone wonders if miracles really do happen just look at that face. My pregnancy was a little scary this time around. Diagnosed with gestational diabetes at about 26 weeks, despite my best efforts to control things with diet, I became insulin dependent and was giving myself shots in the stomach three times a day. I was losing weight the entire pregnancy-a fact that did not make my doctor all too happy. I was in the hospital because of decreased fetal movement and while there I was having some pretty hard contractions. I amazed the nurses when I assured them I was not in labor (these contractions were an every day occurrence for me)-they appeared a lot harder on the monitors than what I felt. If only it would be that easy. I had to have weekly non-stress tests to monitor baby's progress. I had to have regular visits with my nutritionist and endocrinologist. During one of my visits to the hospital we were given a tour of the NICU, where we were told our baby would spend his first few hours of life. All in all it was a pretty stressful time. But oh God is faithful and oh so good! For just look into the eyes of my boy and you will know that He is real! I love you my baby boy and I praise the Lord daily for the gift of your life. Lord, please give us wisdom to raise this son to know and love you all the days of his life.


Leanne said...

Those are some PRECIOUS chubby cheeks...and a beautiful post!

Anonymous said...

Lisa, He is adorable and what a looker he is . You both must be so proud to have 3 wonderful and beautiful children. You are a wonderful set or parents and setting a wonderful example for your children by living out the Christian walk, and sticking to your guns about negative things in your life, you understand this comment. I miss you all terribly. Love, Beth

Fool of God said...

Hola! This is Joe Boggs...and I have to say that your son is almost as cute as mine. :-)

Hadassah said...

What a wonderful age! Although, secretly, I prefer 12-24 mos as far as baby ages go.

My son was pretty hefty too, but I don't think he was 22 lbs at 6 mos! I think you may have a future linebacker!

Gallo Pinto2 said...

Aww he´s so cute! Actually they´re all so cute! I hope you guys are all doing well!